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above the Mae Taeng Valley (40 km north of Chiang Mai)

Eed's Adventure Camp & Farm Stay, situated above the beautiful Mae Taeng Valley serves as a natural and relaxing place to rejuvenate for another day of exciting and funfilled out door activities offered in the region. Stay in an authentic Bamboo Bungalow, swim in a cool pool and experience the magic of dusk and dawn in the Jungle of Northern Thailand.

From here we can get an early start up the mountains

Ask your Travel Agent for the Multi Day Adventure Packages which include a stay at our Camp above the Mae Taeng Valley.

After a long day of Mountain Biking, take a swim in our refreshing pool at Eed's Adventure Camp.

Activities at Eed's Adventure Camp

Look for flights to Thailand and treat your loved ones to a holiday in this beautiful country in Asia. You, together with your family and friends, will surely enjoy exploring the various places that Thailand has to offer. This country has plenty of awe-inpiring sights that will surely bring you utmost relaxation. Aside from the beautiful places, you will also find that there are lots of fun and exciting activities that you can do here, and one of which is mountain biking trips.

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