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Chiang Mai is a mountain bike paradise, awash with fantastic trails and brilliant downhill runs. Mountain biking Chiang Mai is Northern Thailand 's premier mountain biking tour company, and we specialise in adrenalin packed days out from Chiang Mai on a mountain bike. It's the perfect way to escape the busy tourist-packed city and experience the fantastic nature of the forest. Daily our trucks depart from Chiang Mai for the mountain tops where we kit you out with a mountain bike and descend some fanstastic and thrilling routes.
Hundreds of hours riding the unmapped trail systems of the Himalayan Foothills above Chiang Mai on a mountain bike has given us the edge to show you the most beautiful and interesting routes only accessible by mountain biking tours. Our 4X4 Truck takes us to the top of the mountains at approx. 5700 feet(1600m), allowing us over 4000 feet downhill elevation change. You will meet isolated Hill Tribes, experience the true jungle of Northern Thailand and brush up on your riding skills with our accompanying instructors. We accept riders of all abilities in good physical condition and choose the trip accordingly.

If this is your first visit to Thailand or Chiang Mai, mountain biking should definitely be on your itinerary.
Chiang Mai Mountain Biking is a Thai - American Partnership combining local knowledge with western standard service and equipment.

Transportation Safety
Chiang Mai Mountain Biking’s 4 x wheel drive trucks get you to the top of even the remotest summits. With great elevation advantage and plenty of energy we gear up and venture in to the back country along the mountain trails of Northern Thailand.

A comprehensive safety briefing on mountain biking is held before every ride and is very beneficial especially for beginners. We are not in a hurry once we start riding and emphasis on safety is our motto... we ride expedition style. Riders are grouped by abilities so you never have to” catch up”, and better riders enjoy the freedom riding at higher speeds.

Guides Safety gear provided

All trips are lead by seasoned guides and instructors. They all speak English (various degrees), are knowledgeable bike mechanics, have extensive mountain biking experience and are at home with the local trail system. Guides are always equipped with tools, spare bike parts, 1st aid kit and communication to base. These are the best biking buddies you can have when you need one.

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking provides all safety gear needed, such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, gloves, bike shirts for all rides and chest / back protectors (on advanced trails).

Bike equipment What to wear

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking uses a verity of equipment depending on the ride you are on: For advanced Downhill we use Kona Stinkies , a full on DH bike, equipped with 2.5 tires and shimano Disc brakes, great for local conditions. A bike you won't be afraid to take for a jump. Cross country riders and beginners down hilling are looking for something lighter. trek and merida offer a good xc bike that will get you where you are going . All XC bikes come standard with shimano disc brakes and 2.35 tires.

Shoes, shorts and T-shirt
(we provide the rest).

Provisions provided What to bring
Chiang Mai Mountain Biking provides drinking water on the ride. Lunch is provided and takes place at various (approved) restaurants at the trails end. Vegetarian meals are available. Lunch never tasted so good, one of the advantages riding in Thailand.

Bring your camera, a small plastic bag to protect your valuables and a Daypack , (if you don’t have one we will provide one for you). Xtra $ (only due for some rides): National Park Entrance fee, (currently 60 THB) is collected at the morning of the ride, if applicable.

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